From our Christchurch headquarters we offer a range of concrete polishing services for a range of businesses. This flooring is a great finish for businesses as damage is rare and usually easily repaired. It also has a long lifespan and is easily cleaned while offering a stylish look.

If you have an existing plain concrete floor, we can polish these to create a harder and more durable surface that requires much less maintenance than other commercial flooring. We can create a marble-like sheen on a range of floorings including supermarkets, hardware stores, workshops, retail and more.

We have the right equipment for every job and use a full range of Planetary diamond-metal bonded grinding equipment, including a 3 phase grinder – the largest in New Zealand. We also use a dust-less vacuum attachment to grinders, ensuring a clean work environment, particularly important for jobs in areas where dust must be minimised, such as bakeries or nursing homes.

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Among the commercial projects completed by Concrete Sealing and Grinding are the floors at:

  • Pack n Save in Riccarton, Northland and Rangiora
  • New World’s St Martin’s supermarket
  • Food Stuff’s warehouse
  • AMI Stadium’s polished floors
  • St Margaret’s College’s gym and atrium
  • The Colombo mall
  • Z Morehouse and Z Ferry RD petrol stations
  • Macpac Riccarton mall
  • EA Equatic centre Ashburton
  • CPIT extension