Epoxy Coating


An epoxy coating is the final stage of the concrete sealing process and possibly the most important. Our team at Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ offer premium epoxy coating services in the Christchurch area and can offer a tailored service to your needs. There’s a variety of coatings available on the market, but we recommend epoxies as they are the most durable, and provide a flawless looking finish. An epoxy coating can provide different colour tints to your concrete flooring and is suitable for both residential and commercial projects. We believe no project is too big, or small, and can tackle both commercial and residential projects. We can apply an epoxy coating in an efficient and quick manner, preventing too much down time for your business or home.

This super durable material will ensure your concrete flooring or bench tops stand the test of time, protecting it from stains and scratches. An epoxy coating combines polymer resins and hardeners, which results in it bonding with the chemicals in the concrete – they’re a match made in heaven! We will put in the ground work to prepare the surface appropriately and ensure the longevity of  the project. We are able to work on your concrete surface from beginning to end – cleaning, grinding, polishing and repairing the surface before applying primers and finally the epoxy.

We are also able to apply the epoxy coating only, if you have a good condition concrete surface. If you’d like more information on our concrete services or more about epoxy coatings, get in touch with our friendly team today, who can offer an obligation- free quote.

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