We offer a range of concrete grinding and polishing services in the Christchurch area. Whether a warehouse, bar, restaurant, shop, kitchen, patio, showroom or your entire house, Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ can grind, polish and seal your concrete to produce a smooth attractive finish. There’s a variety of finishes available to suit your home or business.

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Our finish levels range from no stone exposure all the way to full aggregate exposure. Every finish is polished to a high gloss 3000 grit level using industry leading penetrating sealers.

Natural Finish:

A natural finish floor involves simply polishing the surface of the concrete slab without grinding down. This results in no stone exposure and keeps the natural look of the concrete while polishing it up to a glossy finish.

Salt & Pepper:

Salt & Pepper involves grinding down the surface around 1-2mm to expose the fine stones underneath.

Medium Grind:

The medium grind involves removing 2-3mm off the surface of the slab, resulting in a mix of large and small stones in a pattern that follows the natural contours of the concrete.

Full Grind:

Full aggregate exposure involves removing 4-5mm for a complete exposure of the stones. This creates the most consistent look and is the most recommended option.

The desired finish is highly dependent on the quality of the concrete poured and the curing conditions. Thus, the polished floor may inherit a natural variability in the distribution of the stones. For more information on types of finishes, kindly send us an inquiry in the Contact Us section.