We offer a range of concrete grinding and polishing services in the Christchurch area. Whether a warehouse, bar, restaurant, shop, kitchen, patio, showroom or some other surface, Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ can grind, seal and polish your concrete to produce a smooth attractive finish. There’s a variety of finishes available to suit your home or business.

We can grind the concrete to lighter salt and pepper grind all the way through to a full grind that exposes larger stones buried deeper. There are two ways to seal a concrete floor:

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Spray on Sealers

  • Involves scrubbing the concrete with our ride on scrubber and applying a surface sealer to the concrete. An anti-slip additive can be used in the sealer.

The sealed surface is then polished with resin bonded diamonds in various grades until the desired finish is obtained.

The desired finish is highly dependent on the quality of the concrete poured and the curing conditions. Thus, the polished floor may inherit a natural variability in the distribution of the stones. For more information on other types of finishes, kindly send us an inquiry in the Contact Us section.

Medi-Vet anti-microbial sealer

Permanently waterproofs new and old concrete, purges out years of contamination and odors from old slabs, protects against urine and chemical ingress, and prevents molds, mildews, microbes and deep seated disease acids.

Moisture-Fix 1&2

Moisture barriers for adhesive fixed floors, Batten Fixed & Floating Timber floors, loose laid Carpet & Vinyl and for Carpet Tiles fixed in pressure sensitive adhesive. This is ideal for use in nursing homes, hospitals, animal shelters, dairies, stables, swimming pools, freezer and cool rooms, toilet blocks and more.