Based in Christchurch, we can achieve a range of different polished concrete results. The results range from a salt and pepper grind, medium grind or full grind. There is a range of benefits to having a concrete polished floors including that it is more hardwearing and resistant to stains, more durable, environmentally friendly and easier to clean and maintain.

Whether a warehouse, bar, restaurant, shop, kitchen, patio, showroom or some other surface, Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ can grind, seal and polish your concrete to produce a smooth attractive finish. Sealing concrete has many advantages. It cures and hardens the surface, prevents concrete dusting and makes the surface more abrasion resistant.

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Our process involves grinding the concrete and then polishing up to 3000 grit with special bonded diamonds to achieve the desired surface. The floor is sealed with one of our special penetrating sealers, that produces a hard wearing, low maintenance and fashionable finish.  Concrete Sealing and Grinding NZ can also grind your concrete to remove glue, paint, wax, fiberglass and stains, as well as to repair rain-damaged concrete.

Our services include a range of finishes including a bush-hammered finish. This is where a specialty set of tooling allows us to apply a rough textured finish to the concrete surface, which is then sealed in a desired manner. Ideal for driveways and outdoor concrete where non-slip is essential.

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